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Abstract #3398

Influence of Flow-Induced Mechanical Forces on Thrombolysis Studied by MR and Optical Microscopy

Jernej Vidmar1, Franci Bajd2, Ale Blinc3, Duan uput4, Andrej Vovk4, Igor Sera2

1Institute of Physiology, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 2Joef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 3University Medical Centere Ljubljana, Slovenia; 4Institute of Pathophysiology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Thrombolysis of model blood clots in an artificial perfusion system was studied by MR and optical microscopy. Results of the study showed that thrombolysis is strongly flow dependent process in which biochemical clot dissolution is complemented by flow induced mechanical clot degradation manifested by dislodgement of cell agglomerates from the recanalization channel.