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Abstract #3561

Effect of Physiological Variation of Heart Rate on Quantitative Cardiac T2 Mapping

Marion de Roquefeuil1,2, Anne Menini1,2, Jean-Marie Escany3, Pierre-Yves Marie3, Jacques Felblinger1,2

1U947, INSERM, Vandoeuvre-ls-Nancy, France, France; 2IADI, Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France, France; 3Department of Nuclear Medicine, CHU, Nancy, France

Heart Rate (HR) variation is around 30 % during healthy subject breath-holds necessary for cardiac MR acquisition. As MR system is synchronized with R peaks, image contrast depends on HR evolution. Especially, cardiac T2 mapping used in heart transplantations and pathologies follow up is biased by HR variation. We propose a method to compensate this systematic error and to improve diagnostic quality: a RR-adjusted corrective factor applied on SE signal in k-space.