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Abstract #3648

Incremental Benefit of Cardiovascular MRI in the Evaluation of Patients with Systemic Embolism

Monvadi B. Srichai1, Amelia M. Wnorowski1, Itzhak Kronzon1, Leon Axel1, Ambika Nayar1, Gila Perk1, Allison G. Hays2, Mark Fisch1, Vivian S. Lee1

1NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY, United States; 2Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, United States

Echocardiography is often the sole imaging technique used for evaluation cardiac sources of embolism. However, studies have demonstrated that up to 40% of patients with ischemic strokes often have no identifiable etiology. Contrast enhanced MRI with MRA identified a cardiovascular source of embolism in an additional 20% of patient in this cohort that was undetected by echocardiography, and hence provides a valuable adjunctive diagnostic imaging method for evaluation of patients with a potential cardiovascular source of embolism, particularly in patients with a negative echocardiography study or who are unable to undergo transesophageal echocardiography.