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Abstract #3735

Novel MRI T2 Mapping for Improved Myocardial Tissue Characterisation

Taigang He1, Sanjay Prasad1, Guang-Zhong Yang1, Dudley Pennell1, David Firmin1

1Royal Brompton Hospital and Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Synopsis: The aim of this study was to develop a novel T2 mapping method for improved myocardial tissue characterisation. The developed T2 sequence resulted in improved resolution with shorter echo time and echo spacing. The novel technique was consequently evaluated on nine human subjects. Preliminary results demonstrated that all images acquired were of good quality. Pixel wise T2 curve is well fitted and T2 mapping in the whole myocardium appeared homogeneous. This study suggests that T2 mapping may potentially be used for assessing regional disease variations across the myocardium.