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Abstract #3775

Optimization of Gradient Moment Nulling for Hybrid of Opposite-Contrast MRA Sequence

Tokunori Kimura1, Masato Ikedo2

1MRI Systems Development Department, Toshiba Medical Systems , Otawara, Tochigi, Japan; 2MRI Systems Development Department, Toshiba Medical Systems, Otawara, Tochigi, Japan

We have proposed a new MR angiography technique named Hybrid of Opposite-Contrast MRA (HOP-MRA) with 3D dual-echo gradient-echo sequence combining Time-of-Flight (TOF) with a Flow-Sensitive Black-Blood (FSBB) employing flow dephasing gradients. In this study, for the purpose of decreasing flow-void appeared in major arteries, two types of gradient moment nulling (GMN) for the TOF part were compared between 1st order full 3-axis GMN and partial 2-axis GMN. We demonstrated that flow-void artifacts were decreased by using the 2-axis GMN in the TOF part and vessel misregistration due to phase-encode displacement in the TOF part was minor. The HOP technique is suitable for decreasing both flow-void and PED artifacts in MRA compared to TOF alone.