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Abstract #3776

Dynamically Changing Field-Of-View in the Comprehensive Neurovascular Exam

Petrice M. Mostardi1, Clifton R. Haider1, Norbert G. Campeau1, John Huston1, Stephen J. Riederer1

1Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States

We define a comprehensive neurovascular exam (CNVE) as the high quality imaging of the aortic arch through the intracranial veins. The goal of this work is to image these territories by dynamically changing (scaling/shifting) the FOV during a contrast-enhanced acquisition. Volunteer studies were performed with an imaging protocol consisting of: (i) a large FOV, low dose (2 ml) time-resolved acquisition to provide overall diagnostic information and serve as a timing bolus and (ii) a high spatial resolution contrast-enhanced exam implementing dynamic change of the FOV to image the carotid arteries and the intracranial venous system.