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Abstract #3842

QASCI-Quadruple Asymmetric Saddles for Cardiac Imaging

Modhurin Banerjee Snyder1, Pei H. Chan1, Fraser Robb1

1GE Healthcare, Aurora, OH, United States

In this work we have created a flexible, modular 32-channel array for cardio-thoracic imaging that is based on traditional loop elements and Double Asymmetric Saddle (DAS) pairs. This unique design, dubbed the QASCI (Quad Asymmetric Saddle for Cardiac Imaging), is an extension of the work done with the DLAS (Double Loop Asymmetric Saddle) to a cardiothoracic application. The QASCI system was evaluated via phantom imaging, and demonstrated a nominal 50% improvement in SNR over a larger FOV (34cm by 34 cm) than the 8 channel cardiac coil, even when evaluated on an element-by-element/channel-by-channel basis.