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Abstract #3843

An Optimized QD-Like 6-Channel Flexible and Ergonomic Shoulder Array Coil at 1.5T

Xiaoyu Yang1, Steven Walk1, Paul Taylor1, Tsinghua Zheng1, Hiroyuki Fujita1,2

1Quality Electrodynamics, Mayfield Village, OH, United States; 2Physics and Radiology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, United States

The MRI trend sees the increasing availability of wider-bore scanners at 1.5T and 3T to accommodate much broader coverage of the patient population. Addressing the need, an optimized 6-channel ergonomically-designed shoulder coil is proposed at 1.5T. The coil consists of 3 rows of loop and saddle pairs with flexible flaps for better fitting of different size shoulder sizes and thereby increasing SNR. Comparison tests were performed between the proposed flexible coil and a commercially available 4-channel rigid shoulder coil. The testing and evaluation also included the performance comparison among various shoulder sizes. The results show that the proposed one-fits-all coil provides good SNR, depth coverage and uniformity for the broad range patient population.