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Abstract #3857

A Modelling Study of a Hybrid Loop-Strip Coil Structure for Multichannel Transceive Breast Array Coil

Yu Li1, Feng Liu1, Jin Jin1, Ewald Weber1, BingKeong Li1, Hua Wang1, Stuart Crozier1

1The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Because of the specific position of a patients breast related to the B0 field of a horizontal clinical MRI scanner, it is challenging to use conventional equal structured loop coils to induce a desired homogenous B1 field. More importantly, in the anterior-posterior area of the breast, little or no signal can be received by a loop coil. This work presented a loop-strip hybrid transceive phased array breast coil design. The new design can offer improvement to the B1 field in the anterior-posterior area of the breast, which is difficult to achieve by using a loop-only breast coil.