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Abstract #3885

Prediction of Implant Tip Heating Using Modified Transmission Line Method (MoTLiM) Under MRI

Volkan Acikel1,2, Burak Akin2, Ibrahim Mahcicek2, Ergin Atalar1,2

1Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey; 2UMRAM, Ankara, Turkey

MRI examination of patients with medical implants has risks due to RF field. RF heating of implant lead tips can cause tissue burns. Although this problem has been examined several times both by experimentally and computer simulations there is not an analytical solution exists. In our study we used MoTLiM, which solves induced currents on leads analytically, to calculate implant tip heating. Then we compare it with experimental methods. According to these calculations we saw that MoTLiM is accurate enough to calculate implant tip heating. As MoTLiM gives analytical results for problem a deeper understanding of problem can be achieved.