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Abstract #3886

Safety in Simultaneous EEG-FMRI: Temperature Changes of the Electrodes in a Phantom and a Volunteer Study

Linda Kuusela1,2, Sampsa Turunen1,3, Outi Sipil1

1HUS Helsinki Medical Imaging Center, Helsinki (HUS), Finland; 2Department of Physics, Univeristy of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland; 3Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

An EEG-fMRI protocol is being developed at the Helsinki Medical Imaging Center to aid in the pre-surgical evaluation of patients with epilepsy. The purpose of this study was to study the heating of the electrodes with our protocol. Phantom and volunteer studies were performed, by measuring the temperatures of the EEG-electrodes in a 3T MRI scanner. A maximum temperature increase of 4.1 and 1.0 C was observed for a T2-TSE sequence in the phantom and the volunteer study, respectively. The temperature increase was found to be within safe limits to perform simultaneous EEG-fMRI patient studies with our protocol.