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Abstract #3895

Changing Boundary Conditions: Effects on Catheter Heating

Samuel O. Oduneye1, Sudip Ghate2, Kevan JT Anderson1, Graham A. Wright1

1Medical Biophysics, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

During an MRI examination induced radio frequency (RF) currents on electric conductors, such as electrode lines within catheters, may cause heating in surrounding regions .The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of RF induced heating as a result of changing boundary conditions at the point of connection of a catheter to the MR-guided clinical system. In our setup, the termination represents a sudden change of impedance, an additional reflection point, where heating occurs; both simulation and experimental results show that this point alters significantly the current along the wire, the overall reflection coefficient and heating properties.