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Abstract #3896

On the Heating of Small Inductively Coupled RF Coils Mounted on an Intravascular Model Catheter During MR Imaging

Harald Busse1, Gregor Thrmer1, Nikita Garnov1, Jrgen Haase2, Thomas Kahn1, Michael Moche1

1Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Leipzig University Hospital, Leipzig, Germany; 2Physics and Geosciences Department, Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany

Applications in interventional MR angiography would potentially benefit from a safe and reliable localization of guidewires and catheters. Small inductively coupled RF coils have already been suggested or used as MR-visible markers for various purposes. When using such markers inside the body, however, inductively coupling during RF-intense MRI may pose a safety hazard. We have therefore investigated RF-exposed markers mounted on an intravascular model catheter and submerged in a vessel phantom under different flow conditions. While a considerable but small heating (<1C) was observed under extreme conditions without flow, a negligible heating (<0.1) was observed under a small volume flow.