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Abstract #3956

Low-Noise Broadband Receive Amplifier for Real-Time Magnetic Particle Imaging

Ingo Schmale1, Bernhard Gleich1, Jrgen Rahmer1, Claas Bontus1, Jrgen Kanzenbach1, Joachim Schmidt1, Oliver Woywode2, Juergen Weizenecker3, Jrn Borgert1

1Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany; 2Philips Medical Systems, Hamburg, Germany; 3University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe, Germany

Magnetic particle imaging (MPI) is a new tomographic imaging modality first presented in 2005. It directly and quantitatively images iron-oxide nano-particle concentrations. By means of a broadband data acquisition, MPI also is very fast imaging modality allowing real-time volumetric imaging. After a motivation for broadband reception, this abstract describes the inherent challenges of and a technical solution for a low-noise broadband receive amplifier. This new amplifier is part of the current pre-clinical MPI demonstrator with ~12cm bore size.