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Abstract #4032

Comparison of Spin Echo and Steady-State Free Precession Sequences for Diffusion Tractography of Whole, Ex-Vivo Human Brains

Karla L. Miller1, Gwenaelle Douaud1, Saad Jbabdi1, Timothy EJ Behrens1, Jennifer A. McNab2

1FMRIB Centre, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxon, United Kingdom; 2AA Martinos Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA, United States

Despite its popularity, there is relatively little data validating diffusion tensor imaging and tractography against gold-standard histology or dissection methods. Diffusion imaging of whole, ex-vivo human brains could provide this link by allowing comparison in the same tissue. We present results obtained using diffusion-weighted spin echo (DW-SE) and steady-state free precession sequences (DW-SSFP), each with 6 hours scan time on a clinical scanner. Both methods are able to track the corticospinal tract and corpus callosum. However, tractography of DW-SSFP data produces better quality tracking due to the lower uncertainty on principal tract direction.