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Abstract #4053

Imaging Experience-Dependent Changes in White Matter Microstructure in Rats

Jan Scholz1, Cassandra Sampaio1, Stephen Mchugh2, David Bannerman2, Alexandr Khrapichev3, Nicola Sibson3, Heidi Johansen-Berg1

1FMRIB Centre, Oxford, United Kingdom; 2Experimental Psychology, Oxford, United Kingdom; 3Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology, Oxford, United Kingdom

Structural brain plasticity in response to experience or learning can be found even in the adult mammal brain. Here we use diffusion MRI to determine the scope and location of white matter changes in rodents which learn the morris water maze task. Comparing MRI data to histology within the same animal will potentially yield a useful association between the two. This association can then be applied to human MRI data where histology or other information about neuro-cellular changes in unavailable.