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Abstract #4056

Improved Quantification of Cerebral Blood Flow Change Using Phase Information of SWI, Corrected by Arterial Oxygen Saturation

Yuri Zaitsu1, Kohsuke Kudo2, Rie Yazu1, Kinya Ishizaka3, Noriyuki Fujima1, Satoshi Terae1, Makoto Sasaki2, Hiroki Shirato1

1Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan; 2Advanced Medical Research Center, Iwate Medical University, Japan; 3Hokkaido University Hospital, Japan

The phase difference between vein and background tissue is able to lead oxygen saturation in vein and flow. We propose a new formula, in which arterial oxygen saturation is taken into account, to calculate venous flow change using phase information. The purpose of this study is to compare two formulas (previous studies and our proposal), in the measurements of venous flow change under the drug and physiological load, and to compare the results with cerebral blood flow change measured by arterial spin labeling (ASL) technique. The flow calculating from previous formula had no correlation with CBF changes using ASL, whereas, the flow calculating from present one had weak correlation. The flow formula corrected arterial oxygen saturation supposes to be more useful than previous formula without correction.