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Abstract #4073

High Flavonoid Cocoa Changes Regional Cerebral Blood Flow

Laura M. Parkes1,2, Jonathan A. Goodwin2, Andrew Irwin2, Roeland van Kerckhoven3, Richard Draijer3

1Imaging Sciences, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom; 2MARIARC, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom; 3Unilever Research & Development, Vlaardingen, Netherlands

The aim was to investigate the effect of high-flavonoid cocoa on CBF in a group of 15 subjects using arterial spin labeling, and determine any link between CBF and cognitive performance. We used a randomized cross-over design with 2 treatments: Cocoa soy-drink and a placebo drink, each taken for two weeks with CBF and cognitive performance measured at the end of each period. Consumption of high-flavonoid cocoa increased CBF in the temporal lobe and hippocampal regions involved in long-term memory function and decreased CBF to regions involved in working memory, in agreement with cognitive results.