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Abstract #4105

Tissue Similarity Map of High Resolution Perfusion Weighted MR Imaging of the Brain

Meng Li1, Areen Bashir1, Yanming Yu2, Yang Xuan1, Zahid Latif1, James Garbern1, Jiani Hu1, E M. Haacke1,3

1Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, United States; 2Peking University, Beijing, China; 3MRI Institute of Biomedical Research, Detroit, MI, United States

Tissue similarity map (TSM) is a new approach to reveal the brain tissue perfusion status directly from their signal intensity time course characteristics s(t) rather than indirectly through the concentration time curve c(t). It avoids the need for defining AIF as well. The purpose of this study is to use high resolution perfusion weighted MR imaging to create a tissue similarity map to demonstrate the differences in perfusion between tissues and inter-tissue. It may have immediate applications in clinic.