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Abstract #4143

Truly Simultaneous Clinical US/MRI: Dual Mode Visualization of Bubble Creation During RFA Inducing Susceptibility Variations Corrupting PRFS Thermometry

Magalie Viallon1, Joerg Roland2, Sylvain Terraz1, Christoph D Becker1, Rares salomir1

1Radiologie, Hopital Universitaire de Genve, Geneva, Switzerland; 2MREA, Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany

Recent work reported spatially related errors in temperature maps and TD during power application, while using 2D GRE-EPI PRFS imaging with orthogonal interleaved slices (1). We demonstrate that RFA induced cavitation’s effects are the primary source of errors in PRFS imaging using truly simultaneous ultrasonography and MRI.