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Abstract #4197

Differences in Clearance of Ferucarbotran and Ferumoxide from the Liver Using Gradient Echo MRI and T2 Measurement in Rat.

Lindsey Alexandra Crowe1, Frederic Ris2, Matthieu Lepetit-Coiff1, Christian Toso2, Thierry Berney2, Jean-Paul Valle1

1Department of Radiology, Geneva University Hospital, University of Geneva, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Cell Isolation and Transplant Center, Department of Surgery, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland

The clearance of two injected iron oxide contrast agents was followed by GRE MRI and T2 decay at 1.5T. Ferucarbotran (Resovist) was found to clear from the rat liver significantly faster than ferumoxide (Endorem). The rate of clearance will affect the choice of contrast agent for serial cell labeling studies where the iron signal from a rejected cell should be cleared as fast as possible after cell death. T1- and T2- weighted images and T2 decay curves return to normal within 10 days for ferucarbotran, but ferumoxide still has a significant effect on the liver after more than 100 days.