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Abstract #4201

Characterisation of a Liposomal Contrast Agent for Delivery of SiRNA

Gavin David Kenny1, Leigh Pauline Brody1, Nazila Kamaly1,2, Tammy Louise Kalber1, Andrew David Miller2, Jimmy David Bell1

1Metabolic and Molecular Imaging Group, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom; 2Genetic Therapies Centre, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

This studies aim was to characterise the ability of a liposome encapsulating siRNA to act as a contrast agent for MRI. Liposomes were formed with and without encapsulation of siRNA and size, encapsulation percentage and r1 determined. Encapsulation of siRNA in liposomes had no effect on the size or r1 of the liposomes and was found to be stable for approximately 5 days. This shows that encapsulation of siRNA has no effect on the ability to act as a contrast agent and that liposomes should be used within 5 days, meaning liposomes can be tested without wasting expensive siRNA.