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Abstract #4283

Differentiation of Radiation-Injuries and Tumor Recurrence Using Perfusion-Weighted Imaging

Yu Lin Wang1, Lin Ma2

1department of radiology,PLA gerneral hospital, China; 2department of radiology,PLA gerneral hospital, beijing, China

PWI made it possible to obtain measurements of vascularity within brain lesions. The vascularity of malignant tumor differs dramatically from that of radiation necrosis. Thus, tumor recurrence within irradiated lesions may be differentiated from regions of radiation necrosis with PWI. 15 patients were prospectively entered into the study on the basis of the following criteria: previous treatment with radiation therapy after surgical resection for intraaxial tumors; new development of enhancing lesions within the radiation field. The final determination of the new development of enhancing lesions was decided either histologically or clinicoradiologically.