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Abstract #4334

Transversal and Longitudinal Voxelwise Whole Brain Evaluation in the Earliest Stages of Multiple Sclerosis

Eytan Raz1, Mara Cercignani2, Emilia Sbardella1, Porzia Totaro1, Carlo Pozzilli1, Marco Bozzali2, Patrizia Pantano1

1Department of Neurological Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy; 2Neuroimaging Laboratory, Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy

In patients with multiple sclerosis, the relationship between white matter and gray matter damage evolution is not fully understood; we aimed at longitudinally (one-year interval) evaluating the white matter and gray matter damage in the same coohort of clinically isolated syndrome patients recruited at onset. While white matter damage is detectable early and widely involves most tracts, no white matter changes over one year follow-up period are noted; conversely, a significant decrease in cortical and deep gray matter volume is observed at 1 year follow-up evaluation.