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Abstract #4358

Evidence for Brain White Matter Damage and Atrophy with Aging: A Diffusion Tensor MRI Tractography Study

Federica Agosta1, Stefania Sala1, Elisabetta Pagani1, Domenico Caputo2, Massimo Filippi1

1Neuroimaging Research Unit, Institute of Experimental Neurology, Division of Neuroscience, Scientific Institute and University Hospital San Raffaele, Milan, Italy; 2Department of Neurology, Scientific Institute Fondazione Don Gnocchi, Milan, Italy

Linear and quadratic age-related WM tract microstructural and volumetric changes were evaluated in 84 healthy volunteers. Age-related MD increase and FA decrease were associated with region-specific patterns of radial diffusivity increase and both decrease and increase in axial diffusivity. The quadratic model better fitted DT-MRI changes in several WM tracts. A negative correlation was found between age and left cingulum and fornix volumes. The quadratic model better fitted volume decline in corpus callosum and right inferior-fronto-occipital fasciculus. WM integrity loss and atrophy varies with age by WM tract and may reflect different degrees of severity of changes in WM properties.