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Abstract #4380

Snapshot Inversion Recovery (SNAPIR): A Robust, Optimised T1-Weighted Fetal Brain MRI Protocol for Improved Anatomy Delineation

Christina Malamateniou1, Amy McGuinness1, Prachi Patkee1, Joanna M. Allsop1, Mary A. Rutherford1, Jo V. Hajnal1

1Imaging Sciences Department, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Image quality of standard gradient echo T1-weighted fetal brain MRI acquisitions is poor because of artefacts relating to fetal and maternal motion. The Snapshot Inversion Recovery (SNAPIR) sequence, an optimised T1-weighted protocol using single shot techniques, offers a potential robust alternative to standard T1-weighted methods. Qualitative analysis showed that significantly increased visualisation of the fetal brain anatomy was achieved with SNAPIR in 24 out of 32 anatomical structures studied, compared to the reference protocol. Additionally, quantitative analysis showed that SNAPIR presented with significantly increased contrast ratios between grey and white matter in the upper (p=0.01) and lower cerebrum (p=0.0001).