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Abstract #4396

Specific White Matter Diffusion Characteristics in the Newborn Period Correlate with Either Neuromotor or Neurocognitive Outcome at 2 Years. a Voxel Based Analysis

Tamara Faundez1, Rebecca Recker1, Cristina Borradori Tolsa1, Gregory Lodygensky1, Francois Lazeyras2,3, Petra Susan Huppi1

1Division of Child Growth & Development, University of Geneva and University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Service of Radiology, University of Geneva and University Hospital of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland; 3Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM), Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland

The goal of this study is to assess by diffusion MRI, neonatal structural deficit of premature babies related to neurocognitive deficits later in life. Using voxel-based analysis, we correlate ADC measures at birth with neuromotor and neurocognitive outcome at the age of 2 years. We observed distinct ADC changes with respect to mental and physical scores. Mental score is correlated with regions linked to future cognitive function like language. Neuromotor-related regions include precentral white matter linked to motor pathways. ADC changes are negatively correlated with cognitive scores, which speak in favour of a possible myelination delay already present at birth.