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Abstract #4550

Contrast-Enhanced 1.5-T MR Imaging of the Breast: Association Between Asymmetric Increase of Whole Breast Vascularity and Ipsilateral Cancer on a Series of 384 Studies

Luca Alessandro Carbonaro1, Nicola Verardi, Henrida Kule, Giovanni Di Leo, Francesco Sardanelli1

1Unit of Radiology, Universit degli Studi di Milano, IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy

We estimated the value of the breast vascular map asymmetry (BVMA) as a marker of ipsilateral tumors. Three-hundred-eighty-four patients underwent a dynamic study. We looked for BVMA. Pathologic examination or follow-up served as a reference standard. Pathology revealed 173 malignant lesions and 211 benign lesions. BVMA showed high diagnostic performance. Sensitivity was 76% for invasive cancers and 39% for in-situ cancers (P<0.001). Breast vascular map asymmetry was associated with ipsilateral cancer in 76% of invasive tumors, only in 39% of DCIS. For 20-mm tumors, a 90% association was found.