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Abstract #4551

Feasibility of the Usage of the Internal Mammary Artery as an Artery Input Function in Pharmacokinetic Analysis Using the Contrast Enhanced Dynamic MR Study in Breast Tumor

In Chan Song1, Nariya Cho1, Yong Sik Bang1, Woo Kyung Moon1

1Department of Radiology, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Chongno-gu, Daehangno 101, Korea, Republic of

We evaluated a feasibility of the usage of internal mammary artery near chest wall as an artery input function in contrast enhanced dynamic MR study to obtain the permeability map in breast tumor. Ktrans and Kep were successfully measured using the internal mammary artery as an artery input function based on the Tofts model in all patients. In breast tumor, the good performance in fitting procedure and the acquired two parameters showed that the internal mammary artery may be used as an artery input function in pharmacokinetic analysis.