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Abstract #4566

Semi-Quantitative Analysis of Normal Pancreas and Pancreatic Carcinoma with Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging on a 3.0T System

Xiao Hong Ma1, Chun Wu Zhou1, Fei Sun2, Xin Ming Zhao1, Han Ouyang1, Hong Mei Zhang1

1Diagnostic Radiology, Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China; 2Shanghai Guided Medical Scientific Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China

Our study target to semi-quantify the perfusion parameters of normal pancreas and pancreatic carcinoma with three-dimension (3D) high spatial and time resolution dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) MRI on a 3.0T MR system. 31 patients who need abdomen contrast enhancement scan but with normal pancreas and 34 pancreatic carcinoma patients underwent DCE-MRI on a 3.0T MR system with 8-channel body coil. The perfusion parameters were measure including signal enhancement ratio at 30 seconds and 90 seconds after injection (SER30, SER90), positive enhancement integral (PEI), time to peak (TTP) and maximum slope of increase (MSI). There is no regional perfusion difference between the head, body and tail of normal pancreas, while there is significant difference between lesion and non-lesion area of pancreatic carcinoma, and between normal pancreas and non-lesion area of pancreatic carcinoma.