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Abstract #4605

Hyperpolarized 3He ADC Measurements: Left-Right and Dorsal-Ventral Differences as a Function of Lung Volume

Ahmed F. Halaweish1, Daniel R. Thedens1, Jered P. Sieren1, Eric A. Hoffman1, Edwin J.R. vanBeek1

1University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, United States

Hyperpolarized 3Helium MRI Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) measurements enable probing of the lung microstructure and evaluation of pathological processes that affect airspace size. We successfully evaluated ADC measurements as a function of lung volume in 12 never-smoker subjects across three different lung volumes (20%, 60% & 100%VC). Significant differences between each lung volume were observed, along with significant ventral-dorsal gradients at the 20%VC volume and a more homogenous left-right distribution at 100%VC only. Results suggest that patterns of ADC throughout the lungs in the never-smoker subjects follow proper distribution and ventilation patterns and emphasize the importance of controlled lung inflation.