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Abstract #4658

Is Shear Viscosity a Sign for Malignancy in Liver Tumours?

Jean Luc Daire1, Ralph Sinkus2, Mathilde Wagner1, Nathalie Haddad1, Valerie Vilgrain1, Bernard van Beers1

1INSERM U773, CRB3 Centre de Recherches Biomdicales Bichat-Beaujon, Paris, France; 2Institut Langevin, ESPCI, Paris, France

Liver tumours are very frequent. They include benign lesions and malignant primary or secondary tumours (metastases). Currently, there is no established non-invasive imaging Goldstandard available in order to characterize malignancy for liver tumours. Very often, the enhancement characteristics of a bolus are used in order to differentiate benign from malignant tumours. Here, we intend to prospectively evaluate the complex shear modulus as measured via MR-elastography in the assessment of malignancy or benignity of liver lesions and compare its performance to those of three enhancement characteristics of the bolus passage.