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Abstract #4666

Comparison Study on Differentiating Active from Remissive Crohns Disease by 3.0T and 1.0T MRI

Ambreen Sattar1, J Zhu2, Y Yu2, L Hamm2, Y Ye2, Y Xuan2, J Hu2

1Radiology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, United States; 2WSU MR RESEARCH, Wayne State University, detroit, MI, United States

This study analyzes the abiltiy of 3.0 T MRI to better evaluate the activity of active vs remissive Crohn's disease over 1.0 T MRI.3.0 T magnet is better capable of detecting various signs of active Crohn's diseases such as Stenosis, bowel wall thickening and bowel wall enhancement. MRI is safer option because it does not uses ionizing radiation and provides better diagnostic outcome in staging disease which can significantly alter treatment options offered by the physician.