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Abstract #4688

MRI Characterization of Liver Involvement in Autosomal-Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

Wei Zhang1, Jon D. Blumenfeld2, Stephanie Donahue2, Honglei Zhang3, Martin R. Prince3

1Radioloty, Weill Cornell Medical College, new york, NY, United States; 2Internal Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical Center and The Rogosin Institute, new york, NY, United States; 3Radioloty, Weill Cornell Medical College, new york, NY, United States

135 ADPKD patients underwent abdominal MRI using a body array coil. Organ volumes and cyst volumes were measured on T2 images.RESULTS: There is significant correlation between HV and HCV, HV and HCF, HV and SPV, HCF and age, HCF and GFR, HCF and Sex, HCF and BRV, HCF and BECV, BRV and BCV at P=0.01 level. Hepatic cyst fraction was significantly higher in female.Discussion and Conclusion:Our research prove that hepatic cysts in ADPKD are more prevalent in women than men, and women experience a larger burden of hepatic cysts than men in a younger age, implicating gender-specific hormones works in the pathogenesis of hepatic cyst involvement in ADPKD.