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Abstract #4716

New Application Screening for Malignant Tumors Using the Lesion to Spinal Cord Ratio (LSR) in Diffusion Weighted Images

Mamoru Takahashi1, Yasuo Takehara2, Takahiro Natsume3, Norihiro Tooyama, Katsutoshi Ichijo, Harumi Sakahara2, Atsushi Nozaki4

1Seirei Mikatabara General Hospital, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan; 2Hamamatsu University of Medicine; 3Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital; 4GE Healthcare Japan

Problem: Tumor detection based on apparent diffusion co-efficient (ADC) is not always efficient and accurate on the high b-value diffusion weighted image (DWI). Method: The signal intensity ratio between lesions and spinal cord signal (LSR) were measured on DWI. The LSR was higher in malignant tumors than in other lesions. Tumor screening application gLSR maph was developed based on the signal intensity ratio between the lesions and the spinal cord signal on DWI. Results: With the cut-off of 0.45 for LSR, sensitivity for malignant tumor was 100%. Using the color map, effective and robust tumor screening was feasible on DWI.