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Abstract #4721

Combinatorial Fat Suppression for Diffusion Weighted Imaging at 3.0T

Matthew David Blackledge1, David Higgins2, Dow-Mu Koh1, Nandita M. deSouza1, Martin O. Leach1, David J. Collins1

1CR-UK and EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre, Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom; 2Philips Healthcare, Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom

A variety of fat suppression techniques including STIR, SPIR, SPAIR and SSGR used alone or in combination are investigated for use in large field of view Diffusion Weighted Imaging at 3.0T. We conclude that a combinatorial approach improves results. A combination of STIR and SPIR works well and can be further improved used in combination with SSGR. All methods would benefit from improved shimming over large field of view to reduce off-resonance attenuation effects.