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Abstract #4762

Increasing Registration Accuracy by Sub-Volume Based Mutual Information Registration

Joakim Jonsson1, Mikael Karlsson1, Magnus G. Karlsson2, Tufve Nyholm2

1Department of Radiation Sciences, Radiation Physics, Ume University, Ume, Sweden; 2Department of Radiation Physics, Ume University Hospital, Ume, Sweden

In many cases where an organ of interest is free to move within the patient anatomy, e.g. the prostate gland, normal image registration techniques are insufficient. The patient external contour and bony anatomy will heavily influence the registration, causing the actual organ of interest to be misaligned. In order to overcome this problem, the registration can be performed in such a way that the information available in the organ of interest and regions in close proximity to it is more important to the registration algorithm. This study evaluates the accuracy of such a sub-volume based approach.