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Abstract #4765

Volumetric Reconstruction with Superimposed MRS Metabolic Map for the Assessment of Prostate Cancer

Angel Alberich-Bayarri1, Luis Marti-Bonmati1,2, Roberto Sanz-Requena1, Javier Snchez-Gonzlez3, Gracin Garca-Mart1, Rosario Prez1

1Radiology, Quiron Valencia Hospital, Valencia, Spain; 2Radiology, Dr. Peset University Hospital, Valencia, Spain; 3Clinical Science, Philips Healthcare, Madrid, Spain

The diagnosis and accurate localization of prostatic carcinoma by 3D multivoxel MR spectroscopy (MRS) analysis is often complicated on a slice-by-slice basis. A semi-automated individualized method was developed to obtain a 3D reconstruction of the prostate with superimposition of metabolic results for an intuitive depiction and rapid localization of the suspicious malignant zones. The (Cho+Cr)/Cit ratio was calculated in a voxel-by-voxel basis and used as a metabolic index to be combined with the 3D reconstructions of the prostate.