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Abstract #4789

Choline Metabolism in Basal-Like and Luminal-Like Breast Cancer Xenografts Respond Differently to Doxorubicin and Bevacizumab Treatment

Siver Andreas Moestue1, Else Marie Huuse1, Evita Lindholm2, Beathe Sitter1, Gunhild Mari Mlandsmo2, Olav Engebrten2, Ingrid Susann Gribbestad1

1Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway; 2Department of Tumor Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway

Using HR MAS MRS, the changes in choline metabolite concentrations in xenograft models of luminal-like and basal-like breast cancer were studied following treatment with bevacizumab and/or doxorubicin. The choline metabolism in the two models responded differently to the treatments.