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Abstract #4807

Radial Multi Gradient Echo DCE-MRI for 3D Ktrans Mapping with Individual AIF Measurement in Mouse Tumor Models

Julien Vautier1,2, Christine Walczak1,2, Nadine El Tannir El Tayara1,2, Andreas Volk1,2

1U759 INSERM, Orsay, France; 2Institut Curie, Orsay, France

This study presents proof of concept for a new 3D radial DCE-MRI technique well adapted to preclinical studies of microvasculature in mouse tumor models experiencing respiratory motion. The technique measures R2*-corrected R1 (t). It is based on an interleaved 2D and 3D radial multi gradient echo acquisition to provide simultaneously the AIF on the heart at high temporal resolution (2s) and 3D data on the tumor at a lower time resolution (2min). 3D Ktrans maps were obtained in colorectal tumor xenografts subcutaneously implanted at the abdominal level.