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Abstract #4813

Cross-Visit Tumour Sub-Segmentation May Reveal Localised Response to Anti-Angiogenic Treatment in DCE-MRI Data

Giovanni Alessandro Buonaccorsi1, Caleb Roberts1, James O Connor1, Chris Rose1, Sue Cheung1, Yvonne Watson1, Karen Davies1, Lynn Hope2, Alan Jackson1, Gordon Jayson2, Geoff Parker3

1Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester , United Kingdom; 2Cancer Research UK Dept of Medical Oncology, Christie Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom; 3Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Using DCE-MRI data from four patients enrolled in a trial of a VEGF inhibitor, we performed cross-visit tumour sub-segmentations to obtain cluster volumes and localised cluster VOI statistics for Ktrans. In each tumour a subset of clusters showed statistically significant post-treatment volume changes for at least one visit. Eight of 9 clusters with decreased volume had mean Ktrans > 0.127 min-1. Reduced post-treatment volume in clusters with high Ktrans is consistent with reduced volume of actively-angiogenic tumour regions, as would be expected with a VEGF inhibitor. These effects would not be evident when using whole tumour VOI statistics.