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Abstract #4831

In Vivo Measurement of Tumor Oxygen Consumption by 19F-MRI Relaxometry

Caroline Diepart1, Julie Magat1, Bndicte Jordan1, Bernard Gallez1

1UCL, Brussels, Belgium

In this study, we developed a method based on 19F-MRI relaxometry for mapping the oxygen consumption in tumors. The protocol was based on the measurement of pO2 during a carbogen challenge protocol. The hyperthyroid mice provided ideal models with tissues presenting differences in oxygen consumption rates. The histogram of the 19F MRI data showed a shift to the higher oxygen consumption rates for the hyperthyroid tumors. For each tumor, we obtained a color map created from the 19F MRI data, reflecting the heterogeneity in oxygen consumption. 19F-MRI relaxometry allows the non invasive mapping of the oxygen consumption in tumors.