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Abstract #5002

Field-Corrected 3D Multiecho Gradient Echo: Simultaneous Extraction of Quantitative R2*, T2* Weighting, SWI, and Venography

Robert Marc Lebel1, Alan W. Wilman1

1Biomedical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Susceptibility weighted imaging incorporates phase information to enhance image contrast. We employ multiecho 3D gradient-echo, with a rapid pre-scan to minimize diverging phase ramps in the readout direction, with advanced post-processing techniques to correct for macroscopic field gradients to generate multiple high quality data sets from a single scan. Ultimately this technique yields the following low-artifact, high-resolution data sets: (1) T2*-weighted images, (2) quantitative R2* maps, (3) SWI, and (4) venography.