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Abstract #5048

SSFP Banding Artefact Removal in Large FOV Images at 3T

Sonia I. Gonalves1, Maria L.W. Ziech1, Jaap Stoker1, Aart J. Nederveen1

1Radiology, AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Banding artefacts are a serious obstacle to the use of B-FFE sequences in large FOV images and (ultra-)high field strengths. It is more so because the shortening of TR to minimize this type of artefacts is often not possible because of SAR constraints. In this work, it is shown that by combining scans with different phase cycling schemes one is able to correct for banding artefacts in large FOV abdominal images at 3 T, with as few as 6 different phase cycling schemes, independently of the chosen TR.