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Abstract #5050

SERA: A Technique to Improve the Performance of the 3D Sequence by Reducing Aliasing Artifacts in Edge Slices

Yanle Hu1

1Imaging Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, United States

When the object being imaged is larger than the field of view in slice-selection direction (zFOV), wrap-around aliasing artifacts will be observed in 3D sequences even with the use of a high performance excitation pulse. Although throwing away a couple of edge slices can solve the problem, it reduces the efficiency of the 3D method. In this work, a new technique is introduced. It excites and saturates spins in two thin slices immediately outside of zFOV before the slab excitation. As a result, aliasing artifacts in edge slices can be suppressed and the efficiency of 3D acquisition can be preserved.