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Abstract #5100

Registration of Histology and MR Images Using Local Rigid Registration and Differential Evolution

Zhengyi Yang1, Viktor Vegh1, Deming Wang1, David Charles Reutens1,2

1University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 2Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Registration of histological sections and the corresponding MR images is a critical step in MR constrained histology volume reconstruction. Histological sections with dislocated segments are problematic. This issue is addressed by employing a local rigid registration method. The dislocated segments are identified by morphological operations and connectivity analysis. These segments are treated as rigid bodies having independent degree-of-freedom of motion. The registration was to find the transformation matrix for each segment to maximize the similarity, which was normal mutual information, between the transformed histological section and target MR image. The method of differential evolution was used to find optimal registrations.