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Abstract #5136

Enhancement of MT and CEST Contrast Via Heuristic Fitting of Z-Spectra

Moritz Wilhelm Zaiss1, Benjamin Schmitt1, Bram Stieltjes, Peter Bachert1

1Medical Physics in Radiology, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany

Magnetizations transfer processes are quantified by the evaluation of z-spectra. A superposition of Lorentzian line shape functions, a solution of Bloch equations, is discussed as a heuristic but parametric model for z-spectrum fitting. Numerical, phantom and in vivo studies demonstrate the functionality of this method which is less dependent on exact knowledge of the system and provides enhanced contrast through parameter maps compared to standard asymmetry analysis. The heuristic fit is also less dependent on B0 inhomogeneities and its parameters can be assigned to physical parameters such as concentration and transfer rates, which are markers for tumour activity.