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Abstract #5137

A New, 3D GRE Based CEST Imaging Method for Clinical Application and Verification with GagCEST in Articular Cartilage

Benjamin Schmitt1, Michael Bock1, Bram Stieltjes, Peter Bachert1

1Medical Physics in Radiology, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

CEST imaging has been introduced as a new method to generate a various number of contrasts for MRI. However, the application of CEST imaging for clinical application has so far been limited by extensive scan-times. These long scan times were necessary to generate reproducible CEST images and often restricted to single-slice acquisitions. We introduce a new, 3D CEST imaging sequence based on RF-spoiled gradient echo which can theoretically be used in a various number of CEST applications. The functionality is exemplified using gagCEST to determine the vitality of knee cartilage in a 3D volume.