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Abstract #5139

Improved CEST Detection in Frequency Domain Using the Length and Offset VARiation of Saturation (LOVARS-CEST) Acquisition Scheme

Xiaolei Song1,2, Assaf A. Gilad1,2, Guanshu Liu1,3, Peter C.M. Van Zijl1,3, Jeff W.M. Bulte1,2, Michael T. McMahon1,3

1Division of MR Research, Russel H. Morgan Dept. of Radiology and Radiological Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States; 2Cellular Imaging Section, Institute for Cell Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States; 3F.M. Kirby Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD, United States

We have developed a new acquisition scheme designed to improve CEST contrast detection. In this scheme a series of saturation transfer images are collected using a regular pattern of length and offsets for the saturation pulse in order to generate different waveforms for CEST and non-CEST saturation contrast. The images can be Fourier transformed along this series and the types of saturation contrast separated out by the modulation frequency. We demonstrate how this method can be applied on a phantom. This new method can potentially improve the detection of small amounts of CEST agent in vivo.