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Abstract #0413

Multi-TE Diffusion Tensor Imaging In Vivo

Alexandru Vlad Avram1,2, Arnaud Guidon1,2, Chunlei Liu2, Allen W. Song2

1Biomedical Engineering Department, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA; 2Brain Imaging & Analysis Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA

We investigate the echo time (TE) dependence of white matter diffusion anisotropy using a novel stimulated echo based (STE) self-navigated interleaved spiral (SNAILS) DTI sequence capable of imaging with a wide range of TEs (22 82 ms) while maintaining adequate b-value (600 s/mm2). We quantify the dependence of FA, axial and radial diffusivities on TE for the first time with an in vivo experiment and present a clinical subtraction-based technique for achieving short T2 (myelin) specificity by acquiring DTI datasets at only two TEs.